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Matala is an idyllic seaside village in the south of Crete - the largest island of Greece. According to Greek legend, the father of the god Zeus went ashore in Matala with the kidnapped princess Europa. There he is said to have changed his form from bull to eagle and have spent Europe further into the interior of the island.

We offer you a wonderful stay in our luxury apartments or in the boutique hotel Antonios in the center of Matala, just a few meter distance from the beach and the cafes, taverns and bars.

A holiday in Matala will capture you with its beautiful Mediterranean beaches and historic sites. The former fishing village has preserved much of its original charm, many small cafes and taverns invite you on your holiday in Matala enjoy fresh sea food and local wines.

In the cliffs that surround the bay of Matala, there are numerous caves that were dug as early as the Neolithic in the soft rocks and served as accommodation. Later they were used by the Romans as tombs. Then in the 1960s, they served as a haven for hippies from around the world, including stars like Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and many more

Fantastic beaches and picturesque landscapes

The best reasons to spend your holidays in Matala are the beautiful natural sites of the region. The local beach is perfect for a swim in the Mediterranean Seaurrounded by sheltering cliffs, the bay offers crystal clear water and great views of the rock caves of Matala. On the other side of the mountain of Matala is the famous Red Beach - this sandy beach, with its reddish sand and reddish rocks surrounding it, has a breathtaking natural backdrop and is very quiet. 

The natural beach of Komos is located on the other side of the hill and offers a over 2km long beach with golden sand backed by natural dunes and cliffs topped with tamarisk trees, which is also a paradise for naturists. 

For those who want to experience the Minoan Crete, the joy of archaeological sightseeing is here, like the Palaces of Phaistos, Agia Triada, Komos and Gortyna.


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Holidays in Matala

Matala is located at the exit of a small valley, which forms a large enclosed bay with nice view to the islands of Paximadia.The bay is a beautiful long sandy beach, 300m long, with fine gravel and crystal clear deep water. Moreover, the seabed is quite rocky in some places and the waves, due to frequent westerly winds, are very large and amazing.

Furthermore, there is a huge cave on the north part of the beach, from the top of which some "crazy" people splash in the water. The beach is very well organized with umbrellas, toilets, showers, lifeguard, first aids, beach volley courts, snack bars, water sports, excursion boats, etc. Around Matala you will find many options for accommodation, entertainment and eating. Also, a large part of the beach is covered by tamarisk trees, where you can find shade. In the evenings, the bars on the beach are full with many people, both locals and foreigners. Especially in June, the internationally renowned Matala Festival takes place.

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